The Best Way to Pour a Great Cup of Coffee

You might think that a fancy drip coffee maker or an even fancier coffee maker such as the innovative Keurig is the way to the perfect cup-a-joe.

Sure, both methods delivery a decent cup of coffee. There is another method that delivers an incredibly rich and flavorful cup of coffee – likely the best you will ever taste. It is referred to as the “pour over” method which essentially is a “hand-drip” cup of coffee.

So, that’s something new, isn’t it? This method has been around since 1908. Yup, you read that correctly. The “pour over” method has been around for over 110 years!

It was invented by Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz when she became increasingly dissatisfied with the coffee her percolator produced. It tasted bitter and over-extracted. She started experimenting with a variety of concepts, all based on the use of blotting paper and a small brass pot that she punctured a hole into with a nail.

You may have heard of the “Melitta” coffee brand. It is world renowned to this day for its pour over equipment and filters. Melitta changed how we define a high-quality cup of coffee.

What about my automatic coffee maker?

A standard drip coffee maker works its magic by automatically pouring hot water into coffee grinds. So where is that any different than the “pour over” method, you may ask.

The hot water drips in the middle of your ground coffee. From there, the water will slowly disburse to the edges of the filter and eventually completely immerse your coffee grounds. As much as this is a hands-off and easy method, it robs your coffee of the fresh and rich flavor notes that would make your cup of coffee the best.

And a Keurig? That is good coffee!

The Keurig coffee maker utilizes plastic pods that are filled with ground coffee of your choice. There is a tiny hole at the bottom of those pods that the coffee will drip through into your cup. The water is pushed through the coffee grinds at high velocity. The benefit of this method is that the coffee grounds are immersed completely within mere seconds thus allowing for more of the coffee flavor to be captured.

However, making a cup of java in your Keurig takes mere seconds. The speed of the process also results in loss of flavor – just like the standard drip coffee maker, although not to the same extent.

How do you brew a “pour over” cup of coffee?

You can buy “pour over” glass coffee makers on Amazon. We suggest using one of the following if you need more than one cup of coffee:


If you just need one cup of coffee, we recommended utilizing a stainless-steel pour over coffee filter such as the one shown below.

Pour Over Stainless Steel Coffee Filter


Lastly, we should mention that freshly ground coffee is miles ahead of the store-bought, already ground one. Yes, it’s an extra step – but it is so worth it!

We recommend a simple basic grinder, such as this one:

Basic Coffee Grinder

 And here is how you brew your best cup of coffee – EVER!

(Note: the method refers to brewing ONE cup of coffee – adjust quantities based on how many cups you wish to brew.)

  1. Heat water up to boiling temperature (205 degrees).
  2. Place filter in brewer and wet with hot water (note, omit this when using a stainless-steel filter).
  3. 1 TBS of whole bean coffee equals about 0.25 oz of ground coffee. As a rule of thumb, you will need 1-2 TBS per each cup of coffee you want to brew.
  4. Place the freshly ground coffee in your filter/pour over brewer.
  5. Slowly start pouring hot water in a spiral motion. Use about 1/3 cup of water at time giving the coffee a chance to “bloom” (fancy speak for “developing flavor”) for 30-45 seconds allowing gases to escape.
  6. Continue to add more water in the same fashion until you have Add more water as you go in the same spiral motion till you have poured 1-1/3 cups of water.
  7. Let the water brew through the coffee. This should take up to 3 minutes for it to complete the brewing process.
  8. Dispose of the brewed coffee & filter. Then pour into the Dirt Fish Mugs mug of choice.
  9. Enjoy your perfectly brewed pour over coffee!

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